If you want someone to feel loved, you came to the right place!

We offer timeless, fully personalized gifts. Their value is immeasurable. Such gifts are not thrown away, but cherished as enduring tokens of warmth and love, kept in fond memory. They are given to those we love the most. We write stories and fairy tales that feature gift recipients as heroes. We create unique comic books based on anecdotes from their lives, write and print love letters on T-shirts, pyjamas and pillow cases.

The gifts are truly unique, created exclusively for you – one of a kind. If you want to order any of the gifts, please send us an e-mail and we will reply shortly. Kontakt

Story / Fairy Tale

The plot of stories and fairy tales is fully tailored to individual gift recipients: their age, hopes and dreams, virtues and flaws, lifestyle…They are ideal for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or whenever you want to encourage, commend, inspire, educate or simply say “I love you”. It is therefore important that you answer the questions we send you within 24 hours after receiving your order.

Your booklet will be complete within three weeks.

Comic Book

Comic books are based on real-life fun, heart-warming or unusual anecdotes from the gift recipient’s life or completely fictional. They make excellent presents for colleagues, boss, friends, partners, family members .... We will contact you within 24 hours after receiving your order. . Comic books are made either in framed A4 or A3 format, or in booklet form. They can be black and white or colour. A4 or A3 comic books will be complete within three weeks.

Deadline for comic booklets will be agreed once the order is placed.


Unique romantic messages and letters. For the message or letter to seem authentic, written by your own hand, you need to answer the questions we will send you within 24 hours after receiving your order.

Your order will be ready for you within two weeks.


We will contact you within 24 hours after receiving your inquiry.

Deadline: as agreed.

My name is Marijana Pleše, but they call me Daisy.

I was born in 1980 in Zagreb, where I still live. I have a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and am soon to become a therapeutic counsellor. I am a member of the Croatian Association of Writers for Children and Youth. I write romance novels, fairy tales and stories for children and adults. My young adult novel “Hod po rubu” was translated into Slovenian. Writing and psychology have always captured my imagination. As every future logotherapist I believe that there is always meaning, but that we find it by ourselves, each person individually, every moment and every day. When I was 16 and penniless, I found meaning in giving my best friend a fairy tale for her birthday. I handed her a bunch of printed papers at our corner in Maksimir and she wept as she read along. She still says it was the best present she ever received.
Because, once someone gives you your own story, no matter how good or bad, well or poorly written, you know that person really loves you.
And... is there anything stronger than love?

Deadline: as agreed.

The idea of Fabula Mea came to me spontaneously, after years of writing fairy tales and stories. From my experience, finding oneself a character in a story written exclusively for you or recognizing yourself in a comic book leaves no one indifferent. We wish to take as many people as possible on a journey to a magical world where they will thrive on a diet of love, hope and enthusiasm.